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Pregnancy and reproductive aspects of systemic lupus erythematosus
Evidence-based recommendations for the management of family planning and women's health issues in SLE and/or APS have been developed by a multidisciplinary panel of experts. Read More...

PubMed 7/3/17
Author: Andreoli L, Crisafulli F, Tincani A

The pathology of eclampsia: An autopsy series
We describe the main lesions in the liver, brain, and kidney from autopsies of women who died of eclampsia and characterize the endothelial injury. Read More...  

PubMed 7/1/17
Author: Hecht JL, Ordi J, Carrilho C, Ismail MR, Zsengeller ZK, Karumanchi SA, Rosen S


Maternal inflammatory diet and adverse pregnancy outcomes: Circulating cytokines and genomic imprinting as potential regulators?
Excessive inflammation during pregnancy alters homeostatic mechanisms of the developing fetus and has been linked to adverse pregnancy outcomes. Read More...
PubMed  7/5/2017
Author: McCullough LE, Miller EE, Calderwood LE, Shivappa N, Steck SE, Forman MR, Mendez M, Maguire R, Fuemmeler BF, Kollins SH, Bilbo S, Huang Z, Murtha AP, Murphy SK, Hébert JR, Hoyo C
Characteristics of hypertension in premature infants with and without chronic lung disease: A long-term multi-center study
We reviewed all cases of hypertension in premature infants referred from 18 hospitals over 16 years. Inclusion criteria were hypertension occurring at <6 months of age and birth at <37 weeks gestation; the main exclusion criterion was known secondary hypertension. Read More...
PubMed  7/3/17
Author: Jenkins RD, Aziz JK, Gievers LL, Mooers HM, Fino N, Rozansky DJ


The impact of intrauterine and extrauterine weight gain in premature infants on later body composition
The impact of intrauterine and extrauterine growth on later insulin resistance and fat mass (FM) in very low birth weight (VLBW) infants is not well established. Read More...

PubMed 7/5/2017
Author: Saenz de Pipaon M, Dorronsoro I, Álvarez-Cuervo L, Butte NF, Madero R, Barrios V, Coya J, Martínez-Biarge M, Martos-Moreno GÁ, Fewtrell MS, Argente J, Quero J

A new type of swaddling clothing improved development of preterm infants in neonatal intensive care units
Muscle tone and total score for the Dubowitz method significantly improved in the intervention group, compared with those in the control group. Read More...

PubMed 7/1/2017
Author: Kitase Y, Sato Y, Takahashi H, Shimizu M, Ishikawa C, Yamamoto H, Hayakawa M


Raised frequency of central nervous system malformations related to Zika Virus infection in two birth defects surveillance systems in Bogotá and Cali, Colombia
Zika virus infection during pregnancy is now known to cause congenital microcephaly and severe brain defects. Colombia has been experiencing an epidemic wave of Zika infection, starting approximately in October 2015. Read More...

PubMed 7/1/2017
Author: Hurtado-Villa P, Puerto AK, Victoria S, Gracia G, Guasmayán L, Arce P, Álvarez G, Blandón E, Rengifo N, Holguín JA, Durán A, Zarante I

Congenital microcephaly in Quebec: Baseline prevalence, risk factors and outcomes in a large cohort of neonates
Baseline prevalence of microcephaly and occurrence of other congenital anomalies. We estimated the association of (1) pregnancy risk factors including TORCH infections (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes, other), exposure to teratogens, diabetes and maternal congenital anomalies with risk of microcephaly, and (2) microcephaly with risk of infant mortality and severe morbidity, adjusted for maternal characteristics. Read More...
PubMed 7/4/17
Author: Auger N, Quach C, Healy-Profitós J, Lowe AM, Arbour L

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