Carrying to Term: A Presentation from the May Meeting

At the May Central Texas Perinatal Coalition meeting, Sarah Garvey presented on who Carrying To Term is, what her role is within the organization, and what resources and support Carrying To Term offers to parents, the medical professionals providing care, and the network of friends and family walking alongside these parents. Carrying To Term is predominately an online space, so Sarah provided a walk-through of through the Carrying To Term website, highlighting specific resources found there.

Download the powerpoint slides

About Sarah Garvey
Over a period of three years, Sarah experienced infertility, recurrent miscarriage, the premature birth and loss of triplets, and then the premature birth and NICU stay with her daughter. After her losses, Sarah became passionate about caring for other families experiencing loss and grief. She co-created and presented seminars on perinatal loss and the grieving process that follows. Through that work, Sarah connected with Carrying To Term, a non-profit dedicated to changing the standard of care for families facing a prenatal diagnosis of a life-limiting condition. Last year, she joined the organization as the Director of Advocacy and Bereavement Services.